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Chopin 2010

Welcome to

The 16th European Bioenergetics Conference

Warsaw, 17-22 July 2010


Dear Colleagues!

The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, the Polish Mitochondrial Network and the Bioenergetic Section of the Polish Biochemical Society have a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the European Bioenergetics Conference 2010 (EBEC 2010) which is going to take place in the Old Library Building of the Warsaw University, Poland. This is the first time the Conference will be held in Poland and will bring together scientists from around the world to present their achievements and to discuss problems of various aspects of molecular and cellular bioenergetics.


The Conference will comprise plenary lectures, parallel symposia and numerous other activities, including:

  • Peter Mitchell Lecture
  • Symposia on: ATP synthase/ATPase, Photosystems, Membrane transporters, NADH dehydrogenases, Electron transport and proton pumps, BC1 complex, Mitochondrial medicine, Mitochondria and neurodegeneration, Mitochondria as a therapheutic target, Mitochondrial genome expression, Cell physiology and mitochondrial signaling, Mitochondrial ion channels, Mitochondrial structure and dynamics, Reactive oxygen species and ageing, Terminal oxidases, Uncoupling proteins, Mitochondrial proteomics.
  • Workshops:
    • "How To ?": Imagine Mitochondria
    • "How To ?": Measure Mitochondrial Respiration and Electric Membrane Potential.
    • "How To ? ": Analyse Mitochondrial Ion Channels.
  • COST-MITOFOOD session
  • Social and sightseeing programme
  • Pre- and post-conference tours

We are looking forward to host you and your colleagues in Warsaw!

For the Organizing Committee


Lech Wojtczak
(Honorary Chairman,

EBEC 2010)

Adam Szewczyk
(Co-Chairman, EBEC 2010)

Jerzy Duszynski

EBEC 2010)

prof. Lech Wojtczak prof. Adam Szewczyk prof. Jerzy Duszynski