EBEC2010 poster

Chopin 2010


  • BBA Bioenergetics Vol. 1797 (issues 6-7) containing full texts of most of plenary lectures, session lectures and special evening lectures is already available on-line at

    BBA Spec Issue

    Abstract Book (BBA Vol. 1797, Supplement 1) is also available on-line


  • All registered participants will receive printed copies of the Special Issue and the Abstract Book  with their conference materials.
  • Abstracts of lectures and poster presentations will be published in Abstract Book (a supplement to BBA Bioenergetics) that will also be included in conference materials.
  • Authors of posters, in particular those selected to give short oral presentations, are invited to prepare full length papers or short (but complete; no preliminary reports!) communications that will be published in a post-EBEC issue of Acta Biochimica Polonica (ABP). These manuscripts have to be prepared according to ABP requirements (see: www.actabp.pl) and will pass routine peer-review editorial process. Manuscripts in the electronic form have to be deposited at the EBEC registration desk or submitted no later than 31 August 2010 to the ABP Editorial Office (abp@nencki.gov.pl). Accepted articles will appear in the post-EBEC ABP issue vol. 57, No. 4 (December 2010).
  • We also plan to publish a post-EBEC issue of Mitochondrion. It will be devoted to ?Mitochondria as pharmacological targets?. This issue will contain abort 30 articles (short reviews and communications). Professors Adam Szewczyk and Jerzy Duszynski will serve as the editors of this special issue of Mitochondrion (first number of 2011).



FEBS Letters Special Issue: Intracellular Ion Channels

Volume 584, Issue 10, Pages 1941-2166 (17 May 2010)

Edited by Adam Szewczyk and Wilhelm Just