EBEC2010 poster

Chopin 2010

Social events

  • Welcome Reception

    • Welcome reception will take place in the gardens of Warsaw University palace complex.


  • Program for accompanying persons ? in Warsaw.
    Following programs are available for all accompying persons free of charge.
    The rest of participants can book tours against payment. Reservation possible on your personal account in on-line system.

    1. Life and music of F. Chopin in Warsaw and the Mazovian Region.
    2. Royal Castle and Warsaw Palaces.
    3. Charms of the old Warsaw.
    4. There is Vistula in Warsaw?.

  • Gala Dinner

    • Social gathering will take place in atractive place in Warsaw (will be announced in March)

    • Date: 20th July, 2010
    • Price - 50 EUR

  • Free visit to Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum
    This card is a ticket to the Museum which is located on 16 Freta Street in the Warsaw Old Town. More information will be available at the Reception Desk.
Maria Sklodowska Curie card1 Maria Sklodowska Curie card2