EBEC2010 poster

Chopin 2010


We plan a post-EBEC issue of Mitochondrion. It will be devoted to the following subject - Mitochondria as pharmacological targets. The issue will contain ca. 30 papers (short reviews and communications). Professors: Adam Szewczyk and Jerzy Duszynski will serve as the editors of this special issue of Mitochondrion (first number of 2011).


Information for speakers

  1. Please note the time allocations as follows:
    Plenary lectures - 45 min [40 min talk plus 5 min for discussion]
    Session speakers - 25 min [20 min talk plus 5 min for discussion]
    Selected abstract speakers - 10 min [8 min talk plus 2 min for discussion]
    Workshop speakers - 30 min

  2. Due to the tight lecture programme, presentations (preferably in the powerpoint format) must be given to the presenting staff well in advance of the scheduled lectures. Only portable devices like USB sticks or CDs will be acceptable (no floppy or zip discs).

  3. We will provide facilities to preview/edit your presentation before your lecture. PC facilities will be available in the lecture halls; Macs will not be available.

  4. Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to deliver short oral presentations. They will be informed about such a promotion one month in advance, at the latest. They are, however, requested to present their posters independently during the poster sessions.

EBEC poster