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Tastes of Poland (Polish specials)

Recommended restaurants

In the centre of there are many restaurants, yet only few of them are really outstanding. During weekends, the most popular of them lack free places to sit, so it is worthwhile to reserve a table. In summertime, many of these restaurants have open-air gardens where you can sit at a table. These are the restaurants which we recommend:

  • Restauracja Polska Tradycja [The ?Polish Tradition? Restaurant]

    Ul. Belwederska 18a, Warszawa
    Tel. 22 840-09-01

    Recommended menu:

    • 1st course: żurek (sour flour soup)
    • 2nd course: roast duck with apples
    • Dessert: coffee or orange meringue cake
  • Restauracja Pod Gigantami [At the Giants Restaurant]

    Al. Ujazdowskie 24, Warszawa
    Tel. 22 621-30-59

    Recommended menu:

    • 1st course: horse-radish soup with stems
    • 2nd course: Polish traditional style duck
    • Dessert: apple-pie served hot
  • Restauracja Delicja Polska [Polish Dainty Restaurant]

    Ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 45, Warszawa
    Tel. 22 826-47-70

    Recommended menu:

    • 1st course: chicken bouillon
    • 2nd course: Polish traditional style stuffed chicken
    • Dessert: Polish cheesecake
  • Restauracja Belvedere w Łazienkach [Belvedere Restaurant in Royal Baths]

    Nowa Oranżeria w Łazienkach Królewskich, Warszawa
    Tel. 22 841-22-50

    Recommended menu:

    • 1st course: Polish traditional style cold beet soup
    • 2nd course: pork tenderloin with stewed king bolete mushrooms
    • Dessert: strawberry gazpacho with ice-cream


Recommended cafes

Those who wish trying the taste of delicious cakes and aromatic coffees are invited to the following cafes:

  • Cafe Bristol

    Ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 42, Warszawa
    Tel. 22 625-25-25

  • Cafe Blikle

    Ul. Nowy Świat 33, Warszawa
    Tel. 22 826-66-19

Traditional Polish fruit liqueurs

Although the recipe for a fruit liqueur was already known to Hippocrates, and many nations pride themselves with delicious distillate liqueurs made from herbs or fruit; a fruit liqueur has always been a Polish specialty. For centuries, on Polish territories in nobility manors, delicious liqueurs were produced from fruit and pure alcohol ? they were seasoned in dark cellars until they reached their full maturity. A cellar of a nobleman or a magnate stored bottles and barrels with nut, apricot, cherry, wormwood, ratafia liqueurs and even with a well-known krupnik liqueur.

The esteem that the Poles had for the family-made liqueurs was so great that the recipes were kept in secret, and sometimes revealed them to future generations only in their last wills. There were many traditions related to the family liqueurs ? there were special ones made at the time of the baptism of children, opened only for their weddings. A special role was played by so-called żenicha liqueur, made from wild rose ? once served to a marriage candidate meant the acceptance ? opposed to duck blood soup meaning the rejection.

For those who want to try Polish liqueurs, we recommend the following shops:

  • ?Nalewki Staropolskie?Liquer

    ul. Kleczewska 113/115, Warszawa
    Tel. 22 864-65-47

  • Sklep Nalewki i Inne
    Czas i aromat zamknięty w szkle [Time and Flavour in a bottle]

    CH Galeria Mokotów, Ul. Wołoska 12, Warszawa
    Tel. 22 541-38-85