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Souvenirs and gifts from Poland

Polish typical products.

  • Polish linen.

    Linen products, in particular those from Żyrardów, already in 19th and 20th centuries, were famous all over the world. In 1900 Żyrardów products were awarded at the World Exhibition in Paris. Even monarchs would eat at tables laid with the clothes made in Żyrardów: the factory was an official supplier for e.g. the Tsar of Russia.

    Linen has many gentle features, especially medicinal ones. Its gentle and exclusive character makes it a perfect product fit for producing table clothes, table runners, doilies, sheets, bed clothes, and curtains. These traditional linen products are characterised also by great durability.

    Everyone who can appreciate all the gentle properties of linen is invited to visit the shops:

    • ?Galeria Lnu? [?Linen Gallery?]
      ul. Senatorska 20, 00-090 Warszawa
      tel. 22 827-54-18
    • ?Lniany zaułek? [?Linen Corner?]
      ul. Mokotowska 71, 00-530 Warszawa
      tel. 22 629-63-39


  • Polish crystal glass.

    Polish crystal glass is a Polish trademark. They have the fame of being of a very high quality and they belong to the most beautiful types of crystal glass in the world. A good example here can be the crystal glass produced by Jan Lam or Adam Jabłoński from Wieliczkowice ? tureens, oil lamps, fruit bowls, amphoras, glasses ? exported to Italy, Scandinavia, France, USA, Canada and China. Crystal glass is a very prestigious product. It is universal: can match every type of interior and can be a perfect gift for any occasion. Thanks to a large number of hand-made cuts (with oblique, rounded, wave-like and tine-like edges), everyone may choose something suitable for themselves. If you want to buy crystal glass products, you should visit the shops:

    • ?Świat kryształów i porcelany WANDA? [WANDA ? a world of crystal glass and china]
      ul. Targowa 22, 03-743 Warszawa
      tel. 22 818-47-57
      ul. Świętokrzyska 36, 00-116 Warszawa
      tel. 22 620-46-52

  • Baltic amber

    Baltic amber has been used as a precious stone for centuries. It was a trading product all over Europe, being very popular in the Roman Empire. Amber expedition had been organised since the 5th century BC and they ran along the so-called Amber Route from the Adriatic Sea to the shores of the Baltic Sea. Amber still belongs to very highly-valued stones. It is a material both for objects of use, decorations and jewellery, often with a very high artistic value.

    Amber is sold, among others, in two places:

    • Biżuteria Artystyczna NOWIŃSKA [NOWIŃSKA Artistic Jewellery]
      Hotel BRISTOL, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/ 44, 00-325 Warszawa
      tel. 22 551-18-62
    • Hotel LE REGINA [The LE REGINA Hotel]
      Hotel BRISTOL, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/ 44, 00-325 Warszawa
      tel. 22 551-18-62

Do you intend to buy souvenirs from Poland? We recommend visiting one of the shops listed below so that you could buy hand-painted ceramics displaying Warsaw views, Warsaw-motif T-shits, dolls wearing traditional folk costumes, cut glass, figures (e.g. A figure of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw or of Warsaw Mermaid), and also many other interesting souvenirs which will evoke the memories of Poland.

  • Sklepy Capelia w Warszawie [Cepelia Shops in Warsaw]
    • Ul. Marszałkowska 99/ 101
      tel. 22 499-97-03
    • Pl. Konstytucji 5
      tel. 22 499-97-05
    • Ul. Krucza 23
      tel. (022) 826-60-31
    • Ul. Chmielna 23
      tel. 22 827-09-87
  • Galeria Sztuki Użytkowej ?Artis?[ The ?Artis? Gallery of Decorative Art]

    Ul. Emilii Plater 47
    tel. 22 620-59-30

  • Galeria Sztuki Ludowej i Artystycznej ?Manszard? [The ?Manchard? Gallery of Folk and Decorative Art]

    Pl. Konstytucji 2
    tel. 22 621-66-69

  • G.A Kleczkowscy

    ul. Żwirki i Wigury 1
    Port Lotniczy "Okęcie" im. Fr. Chopina"

  • Dom Sztuki Ludowej "Polart" [The ?Polart? House of Folk Art]

    Rynek Starego Miasta 10
    tel. 22 831-18-05